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Nerdstark Interview: Barry Duffield

Hi guys! Nerdstark brings to you an exclusive interview with English actor Barry Duffield, better...

Hi guys!
Nerdstark brings to you an exclusive interview with English actor Barry Duffield, better known as Lugo from Starz series Spartacus. Barry who Is also an author has participated in several productions in New Zealand (Where he lives), below you can check out our chat about his career and his projects on the geek world:

Portuguese translation here

First of all, let’s talk about Spartacus: How was it for you, to work with Steven (A creator/producer involved with so many good stuff like Buffy, Dollhouse, the first season of Marvel Daredevil, Smallville…)?

I didn’t meet Steven until the Spartacus: War of the Damned premier in LA. He literally launched himself down the red carpet at me and I thought I was about to get mugged in front of the paparazzi. The guy is a magnet, a ball of energy, and very down to earth. I hope I get to work with him again one day.

The charismatic Lugo has a sad and shocking death; did you have any creative freedom?

Everybody stayed with what was on the page, as far as dialogue goes, and It was so good why would you want to change It? We had the freedom to develop our characters with what we brought on the day.

“Fuck Your Mothers” was on the script or who had the idea?

It was scripted and what better way to go out 🙂

What was the atmosphere like after the last episode was recorded, which was very emotional and looking back it was impossible not to remember Andy Whitfield’s legacy?

Andy passed away towards the end of Vengeance and to say the mood on set was sombre would be an understatement. I never got to work with him, but it was an endless stream of Andy stories from those who did. He was loved and respected by all who knew him.

How did you say goodbye to the rest of the cast? Do You still have contact?


Saying goodbye to the other Australians, Brits, and Americans was pretty tough as many had become extended family. I still see a lot of the Kiwi actors around Auckland. Thanks to the Spartacus conventions I still get to see them all once or twice a year. This year Spartacon 3 will be in April in Maryland, USA, and the Rebels Spartacus Con will be in Paris, France, in early October.

You participate In Comic Cons around Europe and North America, did you hear that we have one here In Brazil call Comic Con Experience which is the biggest one In Latin America?

I’m still waiting for my invite – I’d love to visit Brazil!

Many people don’t know but you are an actor who has several jobs, talk about your career.

I’m ex-military and fell into the acting world in 1988, A Kawasaki TV commercial. I’m also a screenwriter, graphic novelist, and sometimes director… and a qualified personal trainer.

Let’s talk about your comic project Deadman’s Land!

“An inventive, blood soaked horror show! Perfectly set in late WWII Europe, with well rounded characters, thrilling twists and turns and some brilliant dry wit to boot. In the same vein as Dog Soldiers and other great genre pieces and begging for a live-action, film adaptation. Great fun all round!” ~ Sir Richard Taylor (Weta Studios, Lord of the Rings, King Kong, The Hobbit)

How was the creative process? Where does this story came from?

I’ve always been a fan of the Werewolf in literature and on film and I wanted to bring something that I hadn’t been done before.

Why werewolves and Nazi?

The Nazis actually had a unit called the Werewolves, so I simply combined the two best bad guys into one dark embodiment.

How Is the reception of the fans In relation of the graphic novel?

So far; so good – It’s just been picked up for distribution by an Australian company called Comics2Movies or you can pick up a copy on Amazon right now.

Deadman’s Land
by Mr Barry Duffield et al.
Link: http://amzn.eu/coxIQNH

You have a new Project called Tandoori Apocalypse; tell us a little bit about it.

The Sun is dying, a global ice-age looms, and an intergalactic Vampire is infecting mankind in preparation for the rest of its race to be brought through the portal to our increasingly dark world. But all is not lost; two Indian shop-keepers, Raj and Vimal still have the corner store open 24/7 and a rag-tag group of survivors taking refuge within will battle to the bitter end… if they can survive each other. Tandoori Apocalypse: Issue #1 – Bombay Rounding is available on Amazon now. There are three more issues to complete the series and they’ll be coming soon.

Any new project?

My next GN Hellion Rising Is currently in development – This story Is chillingly scary!

Thanks Barry for attending this interview. We wish you every success!

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