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The Walking Dead: Possível vítima de Negan (Spoilers)

Foi divulgado na página The Spoiling Dead Fans o que possivelmente vai acontecer em The...

Foi divulgado na página The Spoiling Dead Fans o que possivelmente vai acontecer em The Walking Dead e quem será a vítima de Negan. O site possui conteúdo com certa credibilidade e relevância, com imagens da produção e previsões corretas de episódios anteriores.

Q & A for Episode 7 x 01.

Q: Who gets Lucilled?
A: Abe & then Glenn.

Q: Why does Negan kill the second victim?
A: Daryl gets angry because Negan taunts a crying Rosita. So he tries to get up and go at Negan. Negan has to prove he means what he says.

Q: Does Rick lose a hand?
A: No.

Q: What happens to Rick in the RV?
A: A lot of mind games from Negan. No physical injury to Rick by Negan although Negan does toss him into a small herd of walkers.

Q: Will the deaths be in flashbacks?
A: Kind of.

Q: Do we actually see the bashing? If so, when?
A: Yes. The episode should start just after the bashing occurs. That’s what we see in the sneak peek. About 20 minutes in, we should jump back to just before that and see how it happens. Then we will catch back up to present time.

Q: Does anything happen to Carl?
A: Negan tells Rick he must chop Carl’s arm off so that he’ll truly realize Negan is in control. Rick eventually becomes resigned to do it but at the last second, Negan stops him. Mind fuck complete.

Q: What happens to Glenn & Abe’s bodies?
A: Team family is forced to move the bodies into the truck themselves to be taken away to Hilltop.

Q: What’s the deal with the whole “dream sequence” thing?
A: There are a few moments where Rick flashes to a non-existent future where Glenn and Abe are still alive and the entire group, including Maggie & Glenn’s baby, are around the dinner table. (As well as a pregnant Sasha with Abe. *sad face*)


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